I’ve got a fun-dation!

So my builder is nice and they seem good but they’re not especially good at letting me know what’s happening. I went over last week and as I was approaching my lot I could see that there was the incredibly gigantic crane type thing on my tiny .4 acre lot.

Le crane.

When I parked, I saw that there were actually two gigantic trucks sitting in my muddy driveway. One was the crane in front and the other was a cement truck. I had to walk onto the lot to see what they were doing. Well, the crane thing was actually a cement “hose” that a worker moved around to fill in the mold they’d left there. The first day, the completed the “footing”.

The footing.

They came back a second day to complete the actual walls of the crawl space. One surprise was that they’d used a stamp on the foundation walls to make them appear as though they’re brick. I think they’re pretty cool.

The house is scheduled to come up sometime next week.

Categories: Building the house, Prepping the Lot

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