Almost time to start.

I smell like smoke.

My fire pit.

Starting last fall, I began to take down the smaller trees myself. That led to tree trunks and branches laying everywhere. I wasn’t sure what to do that about that. Speaking to the contractor a few weeks ago, I learned that it would cost $175 dollars an hour the excavator to deal with them. Uh, no.

My burn pile.

I hired three kids from Seeds, an eco-friendly not-for-profit that does certain kinds of yard work and they came and did job sorting the tree trunks: saving the straightest ones for future projects and putting everything else into a gigantic burn pile. It’s taken me a couple of weeks but I’m finally through the burn pile.

Help arrives. (hard to see but there’s a kid carrying a log in there.)

The house is in line to be built in Indiana beginning tomorrow. If all goes well it should be sitting on a foundation by the end of August. That’s hard to believe since very little has happened so far… they did bring by a backhoe and dug up a few stumps so they could get to the back of the property and do some testing for the septic field. Each step really only takes a few days… but there’s scheduling and waiting for people to be available…

We’ll see what happens next.

Categories: Building the house, Prepping the Lot

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