Update June 4, 2021

Well, I’ve been given the word that the house will be built at the factory in July. It will take two to three weeks–much shorter than I was originally told but I imagine they’ve added shifts since they’re so busy now. Permits are being pulled and site work should start in a few weeks. Here’s where we stand now…

This is the view from the foot of where the driveway will be.
This is the view from the back. The property looks out a cherry orchard, still in bloom here.
This is where the house will sit.
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  1. Hey Marshall!! Just stopped by for a visit. I can’t wait to watch you build your home. (Btw, this is your friend LR.) Interesting fact: my dad’s first big break in the sixties was designing prefab military housing in the sixties. I’m sort of fascinated with the prefab concept. You picked a beautiful site. I’m sure your cats will love it. xo


    • Thanks… no cats right now. Lost them both. I have a little cheweenie though and I’m hoping he’ll like it there. (He’s a perfect dog for a cat lover)


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