Everyone is a decorator. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got nothing in your living room but a gaming chair and a 700 inch TV. Nor does it matter if you hand a chunk of money over to a professional decorator and say, ‘here you do it.’ It makes no difference. You’re always the one making the decisions about your home, you decide how you’ll be living. You’re a decorator.

One of the things that I’m finding different about building a house is that I’ve had a very, very long time to think about how I’d like to decorate it. Of course, I have virtually no budget–which I’m accepting as a challenge rather than a stumbling block. It does mean, however, that I won’t be writing about $3,000 occasional chairs–as lovely as they can be.

A vignette of some of the things heading for my house next fall.

So, how do you sort out what you like and what you don’t like. I’ve spent a lot of time on Pinterest looking at pictures. I’m very partial to English Cottage with a big dash of color. I think that’s what I’m doing, though it’s possible the journey make take me elsewhere. One thing I noticed while studying photos on Pinterest is that most of the photos are what’s called ‘editorial.’ They look good in a magazine which is not the same as looking good in your home. Most of the photos include gorgeous architectural features like tall ceilings, gorgeous windows, fireplaces, beamed ceilings, stone floors… the list goes on and on. You could very quickly give up if you’re decorating a white box, as I am. What I’ve noticed though is that if I study the photos closely enough I’ll find a single detail worth copying. In that sense it can be very worthwhile to spend time on Pinterest.

Of course, I also discovered Apartment Therapy where they often have real world homes to look at. As well as many other budget oriented and DIY sites.

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