The House

The house is a small (1156 sq ft) two bedroom, two bath ranch (I guess) with a one car garage. It’s called the Woodland Bay. It also comes in a three bedroom model but then the living room would have been much smaller.

When I looked at the model, standing in the small bedroom looking out the window, I remember thinking “This is perfect” because at the time I thought that room would be my office. I’ve since decided that the best place for my office is in the living room. I had a condo in Long Beach for eleven years and used one of the two bedrooms as a TV room/office. When I sold the place I realized I’d spent most of my time in a very small part of the apartment. I want to put the office in the living area so that I feel like I’m using the whole house.

I did opt for the sliding door out to the patio. I did not opt for the fireplace. The en suite will have a shower, while the guest bath will have a traditional tub (and maybe someday a soaking tub.)

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